Welcome to 8 Broads in the Kitchen

Welcome to the 8 Broads in the Kitchen website, where we share our favorite recipes, both those used at our bed and breakfast inns and in our homes.

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We started out as 8 innkeepers from across the United States, who knew one another professionally and socially. We all had small inns where breakfast, dinners and desserts were served daily. Our inn recipes were eclectic, practical and sometimes just downright fun. We loved to share local specialties and treasured family dishes with our guests, and the original website and food blog called Bed and Breakfast Foodies (now 8Broads.com) gave us the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Fast forward some seven years, and here we are, the best of friends, a beautiful hardback cookbook under our belts, and having presented numerous cooking demos and classes at all kinds of venues. Even though some of us have retired from innkeeping, we are all still involved in the innkeeping and food business in other ways.

On this site you will find hundreds of our recipes, for meals that people have enjoyed over and over when staying at our B&B’s, and in our private homes. We hope not only to acquaint you with our recipes, our area farmers’ markets and food sources, and our philosophy of food and culture, but also to encourage you to have fun with food. Be creative! Be inventive!

We welcome your comments and thoughts and hope you will share this site with your foodie friends.