It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without…………

“Green Jello Salad”
Please forgive me, fellow Foodies.    This was always a staple in our house growing up.   I have only one sibling.  My brother Bill was born November 27th so his birthday always fell on or about Thanksgiving.   This was HIS favorite.   It was usually made just for him (but somehow I managed to get my fill).
Don’t get me wrong.  My brother has an amazing palate.  In fact, the email I just received from him talks about the Sausage and Oyster Dressing he is making to bring to a friend’s for the holiday dinner.
If there is something akin to this on your holiday table, we hope that it will bring you happy memories as well.


1 1.4 oz box lime jello
1/2 pint whipping cream
1 small can of crushed pineapple, drained
1 cup boiling water
3 oz package cream cheese (why worry about the low fat kind……you’re already using whipping cream).


Empty dry jello powder into a mixing bowl.
Cut cream cheese into small chunks and place in same bowl.
Pour boiling water over the top.
Blend until cream cheese is melted a bit and jello is dissolved
Add pineapple
Pour the container of whipping cream into the mixture.
Stir well.
Pour into 8X8 dish or your favorite mold and refrigerate until firm.
When well chilled, serve (remember this was the 50’s) on a lettuce leaf with a tiny dollop of mayonnaise and a maraschino cherry.

 The William Henry Miller Inn 

Lynnette Scofield
Proud to be the Ithaca Broad!

5 thoughts on “It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without…………

  1. This is similar to the one we always had, only instead of cream cheese we used cottage cheese….it was a family favorite too. Happy Holidays to all the great cooks and the family favorites they prepare.

  2. Ian's mom made two salads like this. The green one had chopped up apple and celery and pineapple. The orange one had pineapple, mandarin oranges and mini-marshmallows. I love both of them and often make one or the other for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Thanks for the memories!

    • Yvonne, I'm embarrassed to say that I remember a jello salad with carrots and sliced green olives. Not the prettiest thing in the world but this was the 50's………..gosh, am I that old????

  3. Joyce Schulte here, the Seattle Broad
    I seem to remember Marshmallows being involved here somewhere in my Mother's version. Egads it was the 50s wasn't it, even though we lived in Arizona the mid-western jello salad follow my parents out there and was always somewhere on the holiday table. LOVE that you posted this!

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