My Favorite Fruit

Champagne grapes

Have you ever been asked, “What three things would a stranger find in your refrigerator?” Well, one of the three for me is grapes. I LOVE grapes – purple grapes, red grapes, green grapes.
And I use them in soooooo many things.
I put them in Waldorf Salad, add them to fruit salad. cut them up in Chicken Salad and I pop washed grapes into a storage bag and freeze them for an always ready, delicious snack.
Today at my favorite super market (Wegman’s), not only did I find red and green grapes but also Cotton Candy Grapes They are sprayed with sugar water while growing and taste a lot like cotton


Teardrop grapes

I also enjoy Teardrop grapes that look more like little purple peppers and I also really like Champagne grapes.
We just love to garnish plates with grapes and especially love the Champagne grapes since they are so tiny and tasty.
But a note of warning. If you have a dog, do NOT let a dog eat even one grape. They are harmful to dogs.

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