Chesapeake Sea Food Cocktail

This is not your ordinary seafood cocktail of yore. We are located on the upper Eastern Shore of Maryland. The mighty Chesapeake Bay, the biggest estuary in the US, is the largest body of water hugging our shores close by and the source for crabs, rock fish and oysters. As we go I will share more recipes using these wonderful ingredients.


¾ cup chilled Clamato juice
¼ cup ketchup
¼ cup fresh lime juice
1 tablespoon prepared horse-radish, or to taste
1 ½ teaspoon hot sauce, or to taste
salt and pepper to taste
½ cup very finely chopped red onion
¼ cup chopped fresh lovage* If you don’t have lovage use ½ cup chopped cilantro**.
¼ cup chopped fresh Italian parsley
¾ lb. lump crab meat (1½ cup), picked over to remove all shell bits
½ lb. cooked baby shrimp
1 cup (total) diced fresh tomato, celery and/or ripe but firm avocado (your choice) kept in fridge until ready to assemble. Sprinkle avocado with lime juice to prevent it from turning black.


Stir together Clamato juice, ketchup, lime juice, hot sauce, salt, onion, lovage and parsley in a large bowl. Add crab meat, and shrimp. Refrigerate for at least 1 hours. Just before serving gently add diced vegetables.
Serve in 8-ounce glasses decorated with a slice of lime and a sprig of lovage or parsley.

*Lovage is an herb widely used in Europe in soups and salads. The leaf resembles Italian parsley and the taste hints of celery. It took me a long time to find this perennial in the US but now it has a very prominent spot in our herb garden. It grows very tall (6′) and does not like hot weather very much. It’s best to use the smaller, young leaves as the older ones become slightly bitter.

**Chopped cilantro will give it a totally different taste but is also very good.

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