Ask The Eight Broads

Welcome to a new column in our blog.   We decided it would be fun to pose a food-related question to all eight broads and see what answers came out.    And what more appropriate question around Valentines Day than the one we chose for this week, “What is your favorite chocolate recipe?”   We’ll be posting the recipes in the next few days.
Lynnette wrote that she has a fudge sauce recipe that is embarrassingly easy, and can be turned into fudge itself.
Yvonne’s answer was “What, I can only choose one?   How can you do that with Chocolate?   Ok, then it has to be Chocolate Orange Truffles.”
Danielle shared her recipe for Flourless Chocolate Orange Cake.
Kathryn told a delightful story about chocolate desserts on her honeymoon and gave us her recipe for Pots De Creme.
Ellen wrote that her Aunt Norma’s brownies are not only one of her personal favorite comfort foods, but one of her favorite chocolate recipes to serve at the Birchwood Inn.
Debbie wrote “Mine has to be chocolate fondue. It was a favorite of my kids growing up and we served it on the dessert buffet for both of the girls’ weddings. Creamy and smooth with your favorite fruit or bits of cake and cookies.. what is more romantic than a pot of chocolate, a warm fire burning and time with someone you love?”

Kristie is on a road trip right now and we hope she’s enjoying a delightful chocolate dessert somewhere on the West Coast.

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